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After our office received your request, we need at least one week to review your Student Records for any financial obligation. Then a report is generated by the Finance Department as to the Status of your financial obligation to the Law School. If your Student financial record is CLEAR (meaning no past due or outstanding balance whatsoever), a report is generated and the same report is submitted to the Office of the Dean for approval. This report will then be endorsed to the Registrar for your transcript TO BE GENERATED.

If the Finance Department determines that you have a past due or outstanding balance, our Finance Department will contact you about your financial obligation to Pacific West College of Law; and thus no transcript will be generated until you pay your financial obligation in FULL.

There is a $20 transcript fee for each set of transcript. You can pay it online via Paypal using your credit card. Click here

If you opt to pick up the transcript at our office, Kindly set up the date and time first and please write your check payable to PACIFIC WEST COLLEGE OF LAW. Make sure to put "transcript fee" on the memo line of your check.

Postage is free if mail on normal delivery through the United States Postal Service. There will be an additional charge for Rush delivery via Fed Ex.


Grading sheets are stored in a file, Transcript and Grade Reports are generated only if the Student's financial obligations are fully paid. Pacific West College of Law DOES NOT issue an unofficial transcript.

Students who graduated prior to January 1, 2010 will have to submit 2 pieces of passport style recent photo. It must be taken within 60 days of the transcript request date.

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