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Petition Procedure

Student Request and Petition Forms has been devised a convenient medium to effect communication between the student and the administration and to receive a reply when appropriate. Petition forms are available at the Admission Office. Each petition must clearly and concisely set forth what is sought, the reasons therefore, and such supporting information or documentation as is required.

Written Petition

Petition for Exam accommodation MUST BE IN WRITING. Any non-written petition will NOT be accommodated.

Petition for Exam Accommodation

A student needs to petition for exam accommodation based upon a medical necessity or disability. The information the student must provide to the college are as follows:

a. Student name

b. Medical reason and/or disability

c. Supporting Documents such as medical report (include all prior accommodations and medical reports from other school(s)

d. Type of accommodation requested

Important Matters Relating to Petition for Testing Accommodation

1. Student by submitting this petition releases and agrees that the staff and faculty of Pacific West College of Law may have access to medical and personal information of the student.

2. It is the intent of Pacific west college of Law to make a reasonable and fair accommodation in the testing environment for a student with a valid and verifiable medical necessity and/or disability.

3. A grant of accommodation is for one exam period and will not be for consecutive exam periods without the written consent of a Dean of the College and without demonstration that a continued testing accommodation is necessary such as the circumstance that the student is seeking for testing accommodation had been improved that is if a student had a physical injury and such injury had been treated and no longer exists.

4. A grant of accommodation by Pacific West College of Law has no bearing or binding effect on the California Committee of Bar Examiners.

If a student petitions for testing accommodation at PWCL and such student was previously granted a testing accommodation by the Committee of Bar Examiners, the student must furnish such approval from the Committee of Bar Examiner to Pacific West together with the supporting documents and the petition for testing accommodation addressed to the Dean of the College. PWCL then, will try its best effort to MIMIC the testing accommodation given to a student, provided however, that at the time a student petitions for a testing accommodation the basis for such testing accommodation that led the Committee of Bar Examiner to adjudicate an approval is still in existence meaning the situation or condition of the student did NOT change.

5. This petition must be submitted within 45 days of the exam period affected. Students should make an accommodation request with the California Committee of Bar Examiners at the beginning of their last year of law school.

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