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Here's what our Students and Graduates has to say about Pacific West College of Law.

A message from our graduate Atty. Sasan Vahdat, Esq.

My journey at Pacific West College of law began in the fall of 2001. My past academic history was not the most impressive, and I was the last person anyone could expect would last in law school. It was after I received my midterm grades in my first year of law school where I had my breakthrough. I had found my passion at a last. Was it the small classes? Was it the extra attention that the professors gave every student? How was I doing so well in school?

I received an A in every one of my first year classes, and I passed the Baby Bar on my first try. I ended up receiving 2 B's in four years of law school, and I graduate Summa cum laude. I went on to pass the California Bar Examination on my first try. I worked part time throughout law school and on the day of my graduation I did not owe even a penny for my law school education.

So what is the secret? I believe that because of the way that the program is designed each student is given more attention, and the professors are able to cover the material in greater detail, and as a result the students are better prepared for the biggest task, the Bar examination. However, the school and the professors can only show you the way, you have to walk the path yourself. You have to do the work, and you must make law school your priority in life. I recommend Pacific West College of Law to anyone who is looking for a good law school, without the back breaking tuition.

Very truly yours,

Sasan Vahdat, J.D., Esq.

A message from our graduate Atty. Vinh The Do, Esq.

"When deciding to go to a law school, questions that are commonly on students’ minds are, can I afford it? Do I have what it takes? Do I have what it takes to pass the general bar? When I become an attorney, what’s next? All these questions and more can be answered at Pacific West College of Law.

As a student, especially a law student, we tend to face economic hardship. We work hard to try to save every last cent that we earn. The administration at Pacific West College of Law understands where we are coming from and knows what their students are going through. They are aware that majority of their students work in the daytime to pay for tuition. This is why classes are in the evening. The evening classes allow us students to work in the day while attending class in the evening. But sometimes working in the day is still not enough and the college is also aware of this. For those students who are unable to pay the tuition in full, the college provides installment plans to help their students stay in school.

At Pacific West College of Law, students are taught and encouraged to help each other. The students at Pacific West are normally taught to work individually as well as working as a team. Students will find that the senior students are always willing to help. If you have any problems or questions, the senior students are always willing to give a hand.

At Pacific West College of Law, first year students are required take the First-Year Bar Exam. This exam allows the students to get a glimpse and experience what the General Bar is like. This exam will also help students understand what they are made of and will allow them to know if they have what it takes to continue on this path.

At Pacific West College of Law, the students are not only taught the theories of law but on also how to practice them. Majority of the professors at the college are practicing attorneys. During class, the professors will often incorporate their experience in practice with the substantive law and how everything comes into play."

- Atty. Vinh The Do -

Pacific West College of Law Graduate

" As a single mother with no family support and working full time, I needed a law school that would accommodate my needs. I found dedicated professors, personalized attention, and encouragement at Pacific West. The legal research and writing courses helped me win first prize in a writing contest sponsored by the State Bar"

- Julie Zweig -

1995 graduate at Pacific West College of Law

"In my opinion this school is a state of the art, 21st century law school. Their approach to teaching law by adding the more practical application rather than the old traditional casebook only method, allows students to graduate, pass the bar exam, and hit the floor running."

- Randall Dunn -

1998 graduate at Pacific West College of Law

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