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"Excellence through knowledge, Achievement through Commitment"


Pacific West College of Law is committed to achieving a safe, healthy and productive work and learning environment for all staffs and students, free from effects of illegal drugs and staff/student alcohol consumption. It is the policy of Pacific West College of Law to prohibit illegal drug usage, possession, sale and distribution on or in the Pacific West College of Law property/premises, or while performing Pacific West College of Law business, and to prohibit alcohol/drug usage which may affect a person’s job performance or academic performance. Having an illegal drug in the body while on or in Pacific West College of Law premises and /or being under the influence of alcohol/drugs while on class(es) or performing Pacific West College of Law business are prohibited.

Pacific West College of Law conducts annual review of its drug and alcohol policies and procedures for effectiveness and makes any changes deemed necessary. Pacific West College of Law provides assistance to our staffs and students in getting help. However, it is the responsibility of each staff or student to seek assistance before alcohol and drug problems lead to a violation of school policy. Once a violation of this policy occurs, subsequently seeking assistance or voluntarily entering a rehabilitation program will not necessarily lessen any disciplinary action and may be disregarded in any disciplinary decision.

Violation of this policy or any other policy of Pacific West College of Law relating to alcohol or drugs may result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension pending termination or student dismissal. Because of the importance to all staffs and students of enforcement of the College’s drug and alcohol policies, disciplinary action involving these policies may be implemented with or without warning to the disciplined staff or student.


A student who violates any provision of this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and/or administrative withdrawal from Pacific West College of Law. Students may reapply for admission, through review, at a later date.

Legal Sanctions

Students and staff are reminded that unlawful possession, distribution, or use of illegal drugs or alcohol may subject individuals to criminal prosecution. Pacific West College of Law will refer violations of prescribed conduct to appropriate authorities for prosecution.

Students receiving Title 38 funds who are convicted of a criminal drug offense during the period of enrollment for which the funds were awarded may affect their veteran benefit eligibility for all Title 38 funds. If such occur, the student must contact the Department of Veterans Affairs on how they can regain Title 38 eligibility if it is affected or forfeited.

Staffs and students who have a substance dependency problem are strongly encouraged to obtain counseling and treatment. Anyone seeking additional information about health problems and treatment related to alcohol and drug problems can contact PWCL Administrative Office. Requests for assistance will be held in complete confidentiality and will be provided on a need-to-know basis only.

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