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For Current First Year Law Students

Pacific West College of Law conducts a Free of Charge Mock Baby Bar for First Year Law students who will be taking the FYLSX or Baby Bar Exam. The schedule is included in the Academic Calendar to give students an ample time to arrange their time availability for the said Mock Baby Bar.

While this is not mandatory, PWCL highly recommend and encourage all first year students particularly First Year students who will be taking the Baby Bar exam, to participate for purposes of giving them a simulated testing environment and caliber of exams that that are given during the baby bar exam. To help them adjust timing and enhance and develop their ability to present a coherent legal analysis under time pressure.

For Academically Disqualified Students

Invitation and encouragement to participate in this free of charge Mock Baby bar is also extended to those academically disqualified students (who have NOT been admitted and had been dismissed due to lack of qualification to proceed in their law study pending passing of the Baby Bar exam) who had informed the Law school that they will be taking the next baby bar exam administration.

Invitation and encouragement to participate in the Mock Baby are extended and communicated via email to those academically disqualified students who of PWCL had been listed in the preliminary allocation lists of Baby Bar exam takers sent by the Committee of Bar Examiner to PWCL.

Mock Baby Bar are given twice a year. First in the 1st week of June and the second is on the 1st week of October. The Mock baby bar is given depending on the number of students who confirmed (rsvp) to participate.

Announcements for the Mock Baby Bar is done through massive emails to all the concern students and sometimes and additional announcement are posted in the E-Announcement Bulletin in the Law School's website.

Free lunch is provided to all the Mock Baby Bar participants.



PWCL allows its current students to sit to in on a class for a course or courses THAT A STUDENT PREVIOUSLY TOOK whether at Pacific West or their prior Law School(s) if a student think that he or she needed a refresher for that particular course. This is ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE.

Current students who wish to sit in on a class for a refresh MUST NOT enroll for that class or course and he or she will NOT be given credits for sitting in on a class for a particular course or courses.

Limitations on Sitting by a Current Student

Since a current student takes his or her required load for a given semester (minimum of 9 units but maximum of 12 on a regular semester) (minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 units for the summer semester). There is a limitation imposed upon a student to ENSURE that the student will NOT be overloaded and jeopardize his or her academic performance on the currently enrolled class or classes.

Primary Purpose

The PRIMARY PURPOSE of allowing a current student to sit in for free to refresh a course is TO HELP A STUDENT ACADEMICALLY in refreshing the Fundamental and Legal Principles of Law that a student deemed he or she did NOT have a good grasp while taking that particular course in the past. The Dean of Academics will evaluate the current student's over-all academic performance based on the totality of Circumstance in determining HOW MANY refresher course can a current student sit in for free in a given semester.

Determination of Impact to student Academic Performance

Pacific West (PWCL) does NOT want this program to have a negative impact on the current student's academic performance. If the Dean of Academics determines that sitting in on a class for free to refresh will cause a decline on the current student's academic performance because of the overload and the nature of the courses that the current student is enrolled in in a given semester, then the Dean of Academics will advise the current student not to forego with the sitting in or refresher program or in the alternative, the Dean of Academics will limit the amount of class that a current student may sit in for to refresh a course explaining to the student the advantage and disadvantage as to why he or she may not sit in for a refresher course of as to why there is a limitation for him or her sitting in to refresh, and as to its would be and foreseeable impact on the current student's academic performance and participation on the courses that he or she is currently enrolled in.

Statistics and study shows that a student taking an overwhelming amount of units in a given semester hamper or impede a student's over-all academic performance and academic progress which heavily impact a student's ability in the understanding and retention of the fundamental and legal principles of law or any given subjects taken with an overwhelming course load.

Benefit vs. Burden on Over-all Academic Performance

Statistics also shows that an overwhelming course load taken by a student is one of the contributing academic factors as to why a student falls on probation. Thereby, the WEIGHT of the current student's purpose and BENEFIT to refresh a course for free by sitting in, in a given time, is compared to the BURDEN and IMPACT it might have in the current student's over-all academic performance. If the academic benefit to the current student out weights by the burden and impact on the student's over-all academic performance, then the Dean of Academics will allow a current student to proceed in refreshing a course for free in a particular semester. "TIMING" is crucial.

Any student who wishes to sit in for free to refresh MUST obtain permission from the Dean and arrange the same with the Admin assistant so that professor(s) are informed that a student will sit in on a class.

The sit in program is ONLY available when a course or courses is offered in a given semester.

Adherence to PWCL policy and Guidelines and good ethical conduct MUST be observed at all times by any student attending this program.

Reservation of Rights

PWCL reserves the right to eliminate this free program and further reserves the right to admit or deny any student from participating without due cause.




Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring by faculty can be arrange. Inquiry should be directed to the Academic Office/Admission office.

Group Tutoring

The Student Bar Association’s Leadership Program offers group tutorial assistance with primary emphasis on examination writing techniques. These group programs are announced on the bulletin board located right outside the Registrars/Admission Office.




To expose the student in the actual practice and "know how's" of the Legal Profession while still attending law school and to develop and enhance their ability to carry out the Legal Profession effectively and with Integrity.

Pacific West highly recommends to its students that they file a petition for certification as a certified law clerk to the State Bar of California as soon as they completed the necessary required bar courses such as Evidence and Civil Procedure and after passing the Baby Bar exam. PWCL admission office walks student through the step by step process on how to obtain the PTLS form and the procedures to file it with the CBE. Click here to know more about PTLS Program

Upon approval by the State Bar of California, certified student has standing to argue in state courts under the guidance and supervision of his or her supervising attorney.

Since its existence in 1993, numerous Pacific West College of Law students had been granted certification as a certified law clerk by the State Bar of California. The certification allows law students to argue motions in court, participate in a hearing, a deposition or a mediation hearing. Some of our students had been in court arguing motions while they are still in their law school undergrad.

Some of our alumni and students had done default prove up trials and bench trials in the Superior Courts of Orange County and the Superior Court of San Bernardino while they are still attending law school.

The said certification is effective upon the duration given by the State Bar on the approval document sent to the student and the supervising attorney. The expiration of such approval is stated in the approval certification and it will automatically terminate right after the release of the exam results that the student took right after graduation unless the Committee terminate such approval earlier.


Physical Library

A Library is located right next to the Mock Court room on the First Floor of the Building. Two doors away from PWCL Admission Office.

Electronic / Online Library

Students at Pacific West College of Law have access to electronic Library through Lexis Nexis.

Student Lounge

Currently the Student Lounge is located on the second floor. Students use the lounge for studying and socializing. Vending machines provide snacks and beverages. There are several restaurants within walking distance of the College.


Books for classes at Pacific West may be purchased at any legal bookstore or online. The Law Bookstore located at 1775 W. La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, California 92801, (714) 491-2665 has agreed to stock all the required books for the school.

Official Student Notices Bulletin Board

The Official Bulletin Board is located near the Administrative Office area. Students are held STRICTLY RESPONSIBLE for being aware of the information and complying with the instructions posted.

Additional Announcements are sometimes posted on the e-announcement bulletin of PWCL website. Link provided above.

Photocopy Machines

Reasonable use of photocopy machines for students is allowed by having a staff member make the actual copies, provided that it is NOT solely for student personal use. Depending on the number and type of copies to be made, a fee may be charged.

Obtaining Photocopy of Student Final Exams and Answers

Students are allowed to obtain copies of their class exams and answers upon payment of the appropriate fee. However, the payment of any photocopying fee has NOT been enforced by Pacific West. Since its student body is smaller, for the time being, students gets a copy of their exams for free without paying for photocopy charges. PWCL however, reserves the right to revoke and change this practice.

Financial Assistance

Pacific West College of Law does not have federal or state loans. In lieu of this, Pacific West offers a deferred payment plan to students who qualify subject to the approval of the College. Detailed information on this plan is set forth in PWCL publications (website, catalog and handbook).

Pacific West College of Law also offers tuition discount scholarship subject to the provision provided for in the PWCL publications.

For detailed information on financial informations click here

Student Record Retention

The school maintains student records in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Education and the Committee of Bar Examiners. Students may request official transcripts from the College by paying the applicable fee and submitting the request in writing to the Registrar.

Placement / Alumni

Pacific West’s Administrative Office will serve as a clearinghouse for part-time and full-time employment opportunities. The office will provide the facilities by which you “place” yourself.

Student Programs and Events

Special events and seminars of interest to students are scheduled from time to time. Although attendance at these events is voluntary, all students are encouraged to attend.

Lost and Found Articles

Any inquiries regarding lost articles or any reports of found articles should be directed to the Pacific West Administrative Offices.


Physical Facilities

The College is housed in a 30,000 square foot, two-story building with free parking to accommodate the students, faculty, and staff. The building has a centrally controlled heating and air conditioning system for students’ comfort. Classrooms are equipped with comfortable tables and chairs and ample lighting. Pacific West College of Law is sharing building and facilities with South Coast College of Court Reporting.


A law library which in many ways exceeds the requirements of the California Bar Examiners is housed on the premises. Also the school has received permission from the Orange County Law Library for the students to use their facilities. The orange County Law Library is located within five miles of the campus. The Law Library has terminals for computer-assisted research through Lexis, Westlaw, and Bancroft-Whitney.

Students currently receive access to Lexis/Nexis online electronic law library. (Electronic Access)


Pacific West College of Law has a liberal petitioning policy which allows the student to submit grievances formally in writing or informally through schedule conferences with the appropriate Dean.

However, All Academic and Exam Accommodation Petitions MUST be in writing.

Student Tuition Recovery Fund

A student may have the right to recover tuition from the student tuition recovery fund, if available from the government agency responsible.

Student Conduct

The policies concerning student conduct are set forth in the student handbook.

Graduation Ceremony

The annual graduation ceremony is held in the late spring.

Alumni Association

All graduates of Pacific West College of Law automatically become members of the school’s Alumni Association.

Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association is the student government. Student involvement includes social and marketing events as well as obtaining purchase specials and discounts from various merchants for the benefit of the students, including health benefits. The students also have the benefit of appropriate legal counseling from a variety of professors. These efforts and others create an esprit de corp with the student body.

Every enrolled students at Pacific West College of Law automatically becomes a member of the Student Bar Association of PWCL.



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PWCL invites its Alumni through email or phone calls, who wishes to take the Bar exam who think that he or she needed a refresher course on a particular subject or bar course or courses.

So long as that particular course is offered in a particular semester, an alumni may sit in for a refresh. He or she is NOT charge any fee. He or she will NOT be given credit for sitting in.

Provision for sitting in by an alumni is provided herein:

1. Communication to PWCL of his or her intent to sit in a given class. Such notice must be within reasonable time.

2. An alumni must not create distraction to the class.

3. An alumni will NOT be given any credit or credits.

4. An alumni DOES NOT need to enroll for sitting in.

5. Absolutely NO FEE is charged to an Alumni sitting in.

6. An alumni must demonstrate intent that sitting in will help him or her refresh the fundamentals and legal principles of law and NOT just to sit in for social purposes.

7. Alumni must adhere to the policies and Guidelines of PWCL while sitting in.

8. Proper ethical conduct MUST be observed at all times.

Use of the Library Facility

Alumni are permitted to use the Library facility at the College premises provided that he or she adhere to the Policies and Guidelines of the College in using the Library facility.

Some of our Alumni who plans to take for the Bar Exams uses our library facility after work to study. Such use was with permission.

Reservation of Rights

PWCL reserves the right to eliminate this free program and further reserves the right to admit or deny any student from participating without due cause.



Pacific West College of Law Faculty are encouraged to continue to counsel students even after they have graduated and been admitted to practice law. Faculty should consider their relationship with students to be for the long term.

Since majority of our graduates who had passed the General Bar Exam founded their own legal private practice. Most of these students who founded their own legal practice contacts the College to seek counsel and advice pertaining to their cases.

In response, the Dean of the College and Faculties at Pacific West College of Law who are Practicing Attorneys and are Licensed Attorneys in CA makes time to be available (by email or phone calls, sometimes through meeting) to give legal and procedural advice to all our Graduates who had passed the Bar exams on procedural matters and Legal Issues in handling their cases in court. Gives these new attorney's advice as to how to proceed in a given case effectively and with due caution in preserving and ultimately serving the best interest of their clients.

An advice as to preservation of good ethical conduct towards the integrity of the Legal Profession is always given to our Graduates who are now practicing attorneys. Honesty and Fairness in the practice of Law are given strong emphasis in advising our Graduates who are now attorneys.


Pacific West College of Law Faculty are encouraged to continue to counsel students even after they have graduated. Faculty should consider their relationship with students to be for the long term.

Counsel and advice are also given to our graduates who are not licensed attorneys but are working as court hearing representatives in workers comp cases.

Counsel and advice are given to all our Alumni who calls up the Law school seeking for counsel and advice for both legal and non-legal matters.

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