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Registration for Classes

A student should register for classes immediately or during the applicable registration period upon after receiving the letter of acceptance.

Disclosure Statement

The State Bar of California requires that each student sign a disclosure statement prior to the payment of tuition to the school. The Disclosure Statement sets forth the Guideline 11.3 and Guideline 2.3 (D) of the Guidelines for Unaccredited Law School Rules, the required disclosure pursuant to Rule 4.241 (A) (1-9) under the Rules for Registered Unaccredited Law School, the disclosure statements regarding the FYLSE or Baby bar exam. These aforementioned disclosure statements are included in the pdf copy of the Application for Admission and the Enrollment forms and Disclosure Statements. Each student receives a copy of the disclosure statement, and the signed originals are kept in the respective students’ files.

The Disclosure Statements can also be found on Pacific West College of Law Publications such as Catalog, Student Handbook and website. Click here

Business and Professions Code Section 6061.7(a)

Attrition Rate

Orientation for Entering Students

All first year law students are required to attend the Introduction to Law class. It is scheduled at the beginning of each (Fall and Spring) semester and may meet on varying days. This is an opportunity to meet with the Dean, faculty and staff members, and Student Bar Association Officers. This class will introduce the students to case briefings and study techniques.

California State Bar Requirements

It is the student’s responsibility to comply with the rules of the Committee of Bar Examiners and to comply with the Admission requirements to practice law in California. Failure to comply could have unfortunate and sever consequences.

For detailed information about CBE Admission Requirements as a Law Student. A student MUST visit the State Bar of California website click here

For detailed information about Admission Requirements to Practice Law in California, a student MUST visit the State Bar of California website.

Click here

Registration as a Law Student

Admission to the practice of law within the State of California is regulated by the State Bar of California through its Committee of Bar Examiners.

Students are required to register with the State Bar of California within three months after beginning law study. Click here to REGISTER with the State Bar of California.

45-Day Rule

The California Committee of Bar Examiners requires the school to have complete files on each entering student prior to the 45th day after classes begin, if the student is to be permitted to remain in school as a regular student. Every student MUST comply with the 45-day rule in submitting all the necessary and required documents in connection with the attending law school.

Pacific West gives the students 30 DAYS to complete submission of the required documents such as transcript(s), letter of recommendations etc. If not completed within the 30 days, student have the 15 day extension to comply.

California General Bar Exam

A student who earns a Juris Doctorate from Pacific West College of Law and meets the requirements of the Committee of Bar Examiners may sit for the California General Bar Exam.

Randall Dunn, Alumni

"In my opinion this school is a state of the art, 21st century law school. Their approach to teaching law by adding the more practical application rather than the old traditional casebook only method, allows students to graduate, pass the bar exam, and hit the floor running."

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