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"Excellence through knowledge, Achievement through Commitment"

Publication - Dean Kevin O'Connell

An interview with Dean O'Connell on the mission and vision of Pacific West College of Law.pdf

(Dean Kevin O'Connell talks about the Mission and Vision of Pacific West College of Law, How Pacific West prepares the students to real world of practice)

Judge issues order against Sikh youths.pdf

Lawsuit seeks to oust Sikh group that seized North Hollywood temple.pdf

Justice Delayed - Orange Coast Magazine 1999

Publication - Professor Dennis O'Connell

Defendant in swindling won't testify on trial.pdf

(Professor Dennis O'Connell was the defense council on this case)

Man who killed mother found insane.pdf

(Professor Dennis O'Connell defended this case)

Publication - Professor Daniel Jacobson

Scrutiny for safety net.pdf

Publication - In memory of late Professor Nathaniel Glover

stanoff leads to prison term.pdf

O.C District Attorney has a mission for children.pdf

(Watch Nat Glover works for children who can't protect themselves)

Publication - Professor Thomas Lo

man cleared by jury for sex offenses.pdf

(Public defender Thomas Lo said his client does not match the description of the perpetrator)

Publication - Professor Christopher M. Strobel

Shortstop shows teen errors of crime.pdf

(Juvenile get a second chance)

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