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"Excellence through knowledge, Achievement through Commitment"


Excellence in the law depends on the strength of its practitioners. Those lawyers who dedicate themselves to the application of legal theories in everyday situations will evolve as the leaders in jurisprudence. At Pacific West College of Law we are committed to the development of practitioners who are well grounded in legal theories and skilled in their application.

Our motto, "Excellence through Knowledge and Achievement Through Commitment," is reflected in our curriculum and faculty.

Our unique curriculum incorporates supportive courses in the civil and criminal areas to ensure professional competence in our graduates. The curriculum allows us to provide each student with individual counseling to develop a course schedule that is tailored to the individual student's needs.

Our faculty members are experienced attorneys who teach courses in their own areas of expertise. This allows us to teach practical applications of the law in each subject area. Our system of faculty selection and curriculum presentation gives our students a superior legal education. We invite you to join us at Pacific West College of Law for an exciting adventure in learning.


Kevin O'Connell

Dean / President / CEO

Dean Kevin O'Connell has a long standing commitment to excellence in academic standards. His background in education and law has led to our emphasis on the practical application of legal theories as a part of our core curriculum. Through his guidance and leadership students at Pacific West College of Law graduate with a firm understanding of the practical application of legal theories.

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