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"Excellence through knowledge, Achievement through Commitment"  

Physical Facilities

The College is housed in a 30,000 square foot, two-story building with free parking to accommodate the students, faculty, and staff. The building has a centrally controlled heating and air conditioning system for students’ comfort. Classrooms are equipped with comfortable tables and chairs and ample lighting.  

The campus has a small working library on the first floor containing various texts and treatises relevant to the study of law, and complying with the library requirements for Unaccredited Law Schools by the Committee of Bar Examiners. The Library is also equipped with several Computers for the students to use during research or use of the Library.


Pacific West College of Law provides an online access to Lexis Nexis to all its faculties, administrators and students throughout the student’s entire attendance at Pacific West College of Law.

There is NO separate fee for the Lexis Nexis online access by the student such privilege to use lexis nexis online is included in the required library fee that the student is paying upon registration. Each student is required to pay the library fee regardless of whether or not they access or use lexis nexis. An access code however is given to every students at Pacific West upon enrollment. Such access code is valid until a student graduates. There is no restriction or limitations as to the use of the online lexis nexis library provided however that it does NOT violate the terms of use provided for by Lexis Nexis that a student consented and promise to abide to upon registration and creation of student profile account with Lexis nexis.

Students currently receive access to Lexis/Nexis online electronic law Library.


1. Non-circulating library books and other materials may not be removed from the library at any time.

2. PACIFIC WEST tries to keep the library as quiet as possible. A student who needs to converse with another person should leave the library for such purpose.

3. Students are requested to reshelf all books and other materials they use.

4. No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed in the library at any time.

5. Upon departure from the library each student may be subject to a brief and courteous inspection of his/her briefcases, bags, packs and large purses, without exception. This should be complied with without any discourtesy towards the library aide.

Currently the Student Lounge is located on the second floor. Students use the lounge for studying and socializing. Vending machines provide snacks and beverages. There are several restaurants within walking distance of the College.

The Orange County Old Court House is one of the finest Richardsonian Romanesque architectural design left in California. It was built in 1901 and had served Orange County until 1979 when research, restoration and seismic strengthening began for a period of 13 years. Currently, it functions as a home to County government and may even be reserved for events including weddings, receptions, conferences, and picture photography. Most recently, the Courthouse was used for the motion picture, "A Few Good Men". At Pacific West, we are privileged to be able to hold our graduation ceremonies at the historic Old Orange County Courthouse.

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