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"Excellence through knowledge, Achievement through Commitment"



Books for classes at Pacific West may be purchased at any legal bookstore. The Law Bookstore at 1775 W. La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, California 92801, (714) 491-2665 has agreed to stock all the required books for the school.

Educational trip to Mexico

Official Student Notices Bulletin Board:

The Official Bulletin Board is located right outside the Admissions Office. Students are held STRICTLY RESPONSIBLE for being aware of the information and complying with the instructions posted.

Student Record Retention:

The school maintains student records in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Education and the Committee of Bar Examiners. Students may request official transcripts from the College by paying the applicable fee and submitting the request in writing to the Registrar. 

Graduate Tommy Tunson with former President Bill Clinton

Placement / Alumni:

Pacific West's Administrative Office will serve as a clearinghouse for part-time and full-time employment opportunities. The office will provide the facilities by which you "place" yourself.

Student Programs:

Special events and seminars of interest to students are scheduled from time to time. Although attendance at these events is voluntary, all students are encouraged to attend.

Masteral Students (L-R) Rudolph Valadez, Armie Socorro T. Nanol and Edgar Surtida

Lost and Found Articles:

Any inquiries regarding lost articles or any reports of found articles should be directed to the Pacific West Administrative Offices.


Pacific West College of Law has a liberal petitioning policy which allows the student to submit grievances formally in writing or informally through schedule conferences with the appropriate Dean.

Graduation Ceremony:

The graduation ceremony is held in the late spring. 

Graduate Raquel Fernandez-Flaherty (now Attorney) with Professor Hardin


Graduate Jenny Anne Benford

Alumni Association:

All graduates of Pacific West College of Law automatically become members of the school's Alumni Association.

Student Conduct:

The policies concerning student conduct are set forth in the non-academic disciplinary action. Click here

Alumni now Professor former NFL Linebacker Orlando Ruff

Student Tuition Recovery Fund:

A student may have the right to recover tuition from the student tuition recovery fund, if available from the government agency responsible. This provision only applies to Master of Arts in Law (M.A.L) and Bachelor of Science in Law (B.S.L) degree Programs.


The Student Bar Association is the student government. Student involvement includes social and marketing events as well as obtaining purchase specials and discounts from various merchants for the benefit of the students, including health benefits. The students also have the benefit of appropriate legal counseling from a variety of professors. These efforts and others create an esprit de corp with the student body.

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