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In order to preserve anonymity in examination grading, every student is assigned a student number which is used throughout the law school program. The student number is to be used on every examination paper in lieu of the student’s name or social security number. A student will jeopardize an examination grade by placing a name or an incorrect student number on an examination paper. The student number appears on the student schedule confirmation and the fee bill statement.

The normal policy at Pacific West is anonymous grading unless otherwise specified in the individual Syllabi.


Pacific West College of Law uses an anonymous grading system to protect students against favoritism or bias in grading, by assigning random student identification number, in all courses except performance courses where the student will be notified in the individual class syllabus.

The students are required to submit their examination answers only through their assigned student identification number.

Professors must submit the course grades only to Pacific West and not directly to the student.

Students are allowed to obtain copy of their final examination answers. Students have the right to petition for a review of their grade by following the petition procedures. For detailed information about petition policy and procedures click here.

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