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1. Smoking, Eating and Drinking

Smoking, eating and drinking are NOT permitted at any time in the building, classrooms or in the library.

2. Furniture

Making or defacing furnishings will not be tolerated. Perpetrators are subject to dismissal.

3. Promptness

Classes will start on time; break period will end on time.

4. Break Periods

Normally, there will be one ten-minute break in a 2-hour class meeting; one 20-minute break during a 3-hour class; and two 15-minute breaks during a 4-hour class.

5. Tape Recorders

Tape recorders may be prohibited in PACIFIC WEST classes. It is believed that the optimum of candid commentary and an “off-the-record” atmosphere on the part of the faculty is best preserved by prohibiting tape recording during class sessions. A student will need consent from their professor to use a recording device.

6. Lap Top Computers During Exams

Lap Top Computers are permitted for both mid-term and final examinations. Students who use such devices must only use a word processing program (“word for windows”) and not access any prior memory in said device. Students should bring their own extension cords. The College (like the Committee of Bar Examiners) does not guarantee power during exams and students must be prepared to write said exam if there is a power failure or their device fails. It is the student’s responsibility to complete their exams when given.

7. Canned Briefs

Case briefing is an essential part of law study. Nevertheless, canned briefs (including “Legal Lines”) are not advised on PACIFIC WEST property.

8. Pencils Required

All PACIFIC WEST students are expected to have No. 2 pencils with them at all times in all classes. Some professors gives multi state exam and the law school provides the scantron sheet.

9. Dress Code

While PACIFIC WEST has no particular dress code, each student is strongly urged to remember that many members of the Bar and other potential employers often visit the campus. Your dress and demeanor are important to your future.

10. Weapon Control

No weapons will be carried in briefcases or bags by persons while on the PACIFIC WEST campus. This is not to preclude the wearing of the concealed sidearm on one’s person as required by law enforcement agencies.

11. Use of PACIFIC WEST as Address Prohibited

Students should not use the address or phone-number of PACIFIC WEST for personal business and communication. Mail received at PACIFIC WEST intended for a student will be returned to the sender.

12. Use of PACIFIC WEST Facilities for Personal Use

No student may utilize for his/her personal use any PACIFIC WEST equipment (telephone, photocopier, etc.) Any student found to be using PACIFIC WEST facilities for personal use is subject to disciplinary action. Although most of the time, students may ask the administrative personnel to photcopy certain documents for them such as copies of examinations or copies of enrollment forms and application for admission.

13. Use of Cell Phones in Class

No student may utilize for his/her personal use any PACIFIC WEST equipment (telephone, typewriters, photocopier, etc.) Any student found to be using PACIFIC WEST facilities for personal use is subject to disciplinary action.

14. Student Lounge

Students can use the student lounge located at the second floor of the building. Coffee and vending machines are available.

15. Change of Address

Change of address and/or phone number, both home and office, should be immediately reported in writing to the administrative office so that the student record will be updated timely.

16. PACIFIC WEST Student Request and Petition Form

The Student Request and Petition Form had been devised as a convenient medium to effect communication between the student and the administration and to receive a reply when appropriate. This form is available in all administrative offices. It should be filled out completely and forwarded to the appropriate staff member.

17. Inspection of Student Records

Students who wish to view their official records at PACIFIC WEST may submit written petitions to the administrative office requesting an appointment to view their records.

NOTICE: PACIFIC WEST’s policy and procedures for inspection of student records are in full compliance with the Family Educational and Privacy Act of 1974.

18. Official Bullet Board and E-Bulletin Board

Important information, including new or revised rules and regulations are posted on the Official Bulletin Board located outside of the Administration Office. All students are held responsible for observing information and following instructions posted. Exceptions will not be made for students who fail to observe important notices posted by the academic or administrative staff.

19. Petition to the Committee of Bar Examiners

All petitions filed with the Committee or Bar Examiners must be verified. Accordingly, students are requested either to appear before a notary to have a petition sworn to, or in the alternative, to attach a penalty of perjury verification in the following form:

“I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing petition is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Executed on this day of 20 at

(city) (state)


20. Default on Payment of Tuition and Fees (outstanding Financial Obligations)

Students with outstanding balances at PACIFIC WEST will not be eligible for any transcript of records and will not be eligible to graduate. 

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