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"Excellence through knowledge, Achievement through Commitment"

The imparting of knowledge is the most critical task for mankind's future. We all assume the educational system will magically conform to handle society's ever changing needs. Our society is a "melting pot" of various races, socio-economic groups, cultures, and religious beliefs. This diversity has forged a history of oppression, abuse, and even civil wars. The traditional educational system, and in particular law school education, has failed to recognize these results of our diversity as a requirement for changes in education. Now, and more so in the future, there is a need for a "judicial system" with new knowledge that considers the elements of diversity and meets the challenges it creates. Training a new "judicial mind" requires innovative education with technical methods and reinforced guidance. At Pacific West College of Law, we recognize this need, and through "real world" concepts taught by the best professionals from varying experiences and backgrounds, we are dedicated to the fulfillment of this educational task.


Most law schools are premised on the belief that the best method for teaching law is to teach the reasons for legal theory on the national level using the Socratic method. The Socratic method consists of repeated questions to elicit truth assumed to be implicit in all rational beings. Obvious from the definition is the difficulty and complexity of this method of education. In addition, the Socratic method often ignores the organization required for superior performance on subjective and objective examinations as well as the actual practice of law. Law students are capable of understanding this type of instruction, but they are often bored with its inherent, abstract, and dogmatic approach. Pacific West College of Law supplements the benefits of the Socratic method, and overcomes the weaknesses, which result therefrom, with the innovative Lex Genesis, Lex Excellence, and Lex Omni Programs.

Pacific West College of Law-Mock Courtroom, this classroom is used for Trial Practice I and II.